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“The Chinese Woman: The Barbados Conspiracy” is the first of a series of spy-suspense-thriller novels about a Chinese woman using the name, Li Mei, who is an intelligence officer (secret agent) for the Chinese Ministry of State Security.

In the “Barbados Conspiracy”, Li Mei is sent to Seattle to abduct a powerful Triad boss, Wu Xing, and return him to China to stand trial. This is an assignment she eagerly accepts as she has a personal motive to see Wu Xing brought to justice. Her assignment is interrupted when she is reassigned to the Caribbean island of Barbados where an American general has arrived using a fake passport. Her investigation reveals a conspiracy that could change the course of history. She joins forces with FBI agent, Sean McNamara, who is in Barbados tracking a large drug shipment destined for the USA. The drug shipment becomes of secondary interest when a terrorist arrives in Barbados to meet with the conspirators. It soon becomes apparent to both Li Mei and McNamara that their lives are in danger when assassins arrive on the island to stop their investigation. Interwoven into the events in Seattle and Barbados is the dreaded Mei Hua Triad.

The second book in the series…The Chinese Woman: Operation Fox Den, was published in September 2011. Al-Qaeda terrorists, posing as Spaniards, have crossed into the US from Mexico and arrived in New York with a plan far more dangerous and devastating than 9-11. Once again FBI agent, Sean McNamara and Li Mei work together to discover the terrorist plot but time is running out and half the population of New York is facing obliteration.

Neither the FBI nor the dreaded Mei Hua Triad will soon forget the Chinese Woman

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The Chinese Woman - The Barbados Conspiracy E-Book

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Neither the FBI nor the dreaded Mei Hua Triad will soon forget the Chinese woman

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